Northumbria Youth Action

Undecided about the kind of job or training YOU want?
Why not let Northumbria Youth Action (NYA) help you decide if a career in the motor trade would be right for you. We have lots of different programmes and qualifications to offer. Read More

Still at school?

Its not too early to start getting experience of a job in the motor trade.
NYA works with your school to give you a chance to find out what its like to work in a real garage. It could be just the start you need. Read More

Left School?

Lots of people don't make up their mind about where they want to work until after they have left school.
Or maybe you started a job you don't like and are looking for a change. Give NYA a chance to help you find out if a career in the motor trade is right for you. Read More

A good starting point

Although we specialise in motor vehicle training, we can help you in other ways too.
Maybe you need help working with people or brushing up on other basic skills ... or simply finding the right direction. Let NYA help. Read More

NYA has had lots of success placing trainees with local garages. Some even go on to get a job.
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Whether starting training, coming to an interview or simply curious, you will need to know where we are.
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We are always looking for new employers. Maybe you need an Apprentice or help with training.
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